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Beth’s Story-

Reading a positive pregnancy test can be so exciting unless you’re not prepared for that news quite yet.  So many questions go racing through your mind:

“What will the father say?”

“Does he want to be a dad now?”

“Do I want to be with him?”

“How could this happen now?”

“What about my future?”

“What will my parents say?”

“What will be friends do?”

“What do I know about babies?”

“How will I ever afford this?”

Questions flood your mind and life is suddenly way more confusing than it was yesterday.  Where do you turn?

That was Beth.  She was six months pregnant and the baby’s daddy was losing interest fast.  Her mom was supportive but still busy working and raising her family.  Beth knew she needed help when she walked into Life’s Options.  We talked about her immediate needs and the struggle of facing parenthood on her own.  Beth was able to begin gathering baby items from Kids Closet she would need and attending mentoring times where she gained information on child birth, newborn care, and the signs of postpartum depression.  Three months went by quickly and Beth delivered a healthy baby boy.  Realizing the responsibility of a child, Beth started taking on line classes and eventually graduated with a bachelor’s degree what would enable her to provide for her son.  Life’s Options was there to help provide for her son’s material needs, support her as she navigated her way through the challenges of parenting and encouraged her as she sought to provide a more stable future.