24 Hour helpline: 1-800-712-4357 or Text "HELPLINE" to 313131 info@lifesoptionspc.org

Are you pregnant?  Not expecting that news?  A bit overwhelmed and not sure what to do?  Life’s Options is a place you can find open arms and compassionate hearts.  We are here to listen to you process and help provide you with options.  We have a new ultrasound machine that is a free way to confirm your pregnancy.  When you first come in, we will sit down with you and listen to your story.  There is a bit of paperwork but no need to bring anything with you.  We will initially have you take a self-administered pregnancy test here in the office.  If that test reads positive, we will schedule you with our ultrasound team for an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy.

For those that are pregnant there are options.  We do not refer for recommend abortion but understand that is one of the choices that you face.  We are here to give you some time to process help you discover the best option for you.

For those that chose to parent, we have a lot of resources that can help alleviate some of the financial and emotional stress.  We have a shop that is full of everything you need to bring a new baby into your home.  We provide training classes that cover from pregnancy to when your baby is about two years old.  Some of these classes are one on one with a peer counselor and some are in a group setting.

For those that may not be ready to be a parent but want to continue their pregnancy, we have several referrals to adoption agencies.  Adoption is one of the most selfless decisions a mother can make.  Placing a child for adoption allows the mom many decisions from picking out a family to controlling how much involvement the birth mom wants in the baby’s life.  There are many wonderful “open” adoptions where the birth mom is very involved with the family and the baby but does not have the long term financial burden of a parent.

For some you may be struggling with an abortion decision in your past.  We offer post-abortive care groups also.

We’re here for you.  Please give us a call and allow us to care and support you!

All services are free of charge and there is no judgement or discrimination.