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Facing an unplanned pregnancy without family nearby is a very frightening thing for a lot of women. Here is a testimonial from our clients on her experience with Life’s Options Pregnancy Center.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  I had taken 3 pregnancy tests and they kept reading positive!  What am I going to do?  Who am I going to tell?  Joey will be furious, and he won’t understand.  My mom lives halfway across the country and I don’t think she’ll understand either.  What am I going to do?

The next day as I was scrolling through Facebook I came across a place called Life’s Options Pregnancy Center.  I wonder what they do?  I found their website (www.lifesoptionspc.org) and it looks like maybe they could help me.  It says they are confidential and they do free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds?  I wonder what an ultrasound would be like?

I got up the courage and texted the number (720-989-1712).  They responded quickly and said they would love to just sit down and talk with me about what I was thinking and feeling.  They said it was free and confidential and no one would know unless I decided to tell someone.

The next Tuesday morning I went into the office.  It was clean and welcoming, and even though I was very nervous they were very nice, and I felt safe.  We sat in an office and Wendy listened to me as I told her how scared I was about being pregnant.  She offered me a pregnancy test and once it read positive, she asked if I would like to come back for an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy.  I guess I should really confirm this before I make a decision about what I am going to do, I thought.  We scheduled the ultrasound for a couple of weeks later when I would be about 7 weeks along in the pregnancy.

We discussed the choices that I would be faced with.  I can choose to have the baby and become a mom, or I could have the baby and look for a loving family to raise my child (through adoption), or I can choose to terminate the pregnancy through abortion.  She listened to my fears and even though Life’s Options is a pro-life organization she didn’t pressure me into any decision.  I was so thankful for someone to listen to me and allow me to process through my feelings.

I left feeling a little less stressed as I had shared my burden with someone who understands and offered to walk alongside of me through this decision.  I was told that the resources in Kids Closet would all be available to me free of charge and that they offer many classes that I can participate in from childbirth classes to healthy relationship classes (I sure could use some help with my relationship with the baby’s father), to newborn care classes and parenting classes.  All of it free of charge!

I am so thankful that Life’s Options was there and free, and that I found someone I can trust to talk with about this very stressful thing that I am going through.

We are here to help! You don’t have to face a pregnancy alone.