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Lucy starts first grade this fall.  It’s hard to believe she’s that old; her mom brought her to the pregnancy center when she was just a few days old.  I remember welcoming them into my office with such excitement and joy!  She was such a beautiful baby!  Perfectly formed little hands, a button nose, and a round face all perfectly wrapped in a soft pink blanket.  And now Lucy is picking out her own clothes, sparkles included for her first day of school.

Lucy’s mom, Kelly, reluctantly came to the pregnancy center after her mom called to see what our program was about.  After learning about our peer mentoring and education information she urged Kelly to make an appointment and check it out.  Kelly came in and after we talked about her situation she decided to give the program a try.  That turned into much more than either of us imagined.  Kelly went through some difficult times with Lucy’s dad, she needed to figure out how she was going to support a child and live on her own, friendships she thought were there forever quickly changed as did her priorities, financial responsibilities became quickly evident, and preparing for a newborn was looming over her.   Kelly began coming to Life’s Options every other week and together we discussed the events happening in her life, watched videos about infant care, post-partum depression, along with other information that was pertinent to her, including childbirth classes.  She was given referrals as she needed them and other support to benefit her. Once Lucy was born life became so much busier, but Kelly decided it was important to continue coming in for mentoring as often as she could. We discussed Lucy’s development into toddlerhood, working through issues of sharing a child with the birth dad, boundaries, and a relationship class.  Kelly has a great work ethic and it showed by the determination she gave everything she did to better herself and provide for Lucy including going back to school. What a great job she has done.  Kelly is now married, and life continues to move in a positive direction for them.

An unplanned pregnancy will change your life, but it isn’t a dead-end.  Check out the support and services Life’s Options has to offer if you (or someone in your life) and know you don’t have to walk the journey alone.