24 Hour helpline: 1-800-712-4357 or Text "HELPLINE" to 313131 info@lifesoptionspc.org

Life’s Options is here for you no matter what decision you make about your pregnancy. We are not here to judge or make this difficult decision for you. We are here to listen, give you some things to think through, and a chance to really work through what is the best decision for you and your situation. If you want to parent your baby, we are happy to help you with some tools along the way. We are a support for you through your pregnancy and into the first couple of years of your baby’s life. Those who register and are participating in our programs have access to free material items (pretty much anything you need from pregnancy through the first couple of years of your baby’s life including swings, bouncy seats, high chairs, cribs) and a free weekly supply of diapers and wipes. We also offer free classes including childbirth classes, one-on-one peer mentoring, healthy relationship classes and parenting the Love & Logic way. We have topics that range from prenatal care and development to help with potty training and how to raise a healthy eater.

We can provide referrals to approved adoption agencies if you might be considering this option.

We are here for you, whatever stage in this decision you are in, to listen and support you. Give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our client services staff, we would love to meet you!