24 Hour helpline: 1-800-712-4357 or Text "HELPLINE" to 313131 info@lifesoptionspc.org

Life’s Options is not only a place to come if you are just finding out that you’re pregnant and need someone to listen.  It is also a place for those who have a newborn or baby and need some support, emotionally, physical, with clothes, diapers and such.  We have a “mentoring” program which is basically a program where you can come in and talk about whatever is going on.  We have some DVDs that are on topics such as how to get your baby to sleep or healthy eating habits.  There are about 35 different topics on DVDs or we can just chat.  We are not professional counselors but peers who have walked before you in life.

We lead a Healthy Relationship Class that looks at what a healthy relationship looks like.   Many of us grew up and things maybe didn’t look like what we want in our relationship.  How do we know what we want? How do we communicate what we want?  What does it look like to talk about our feelings with our significant other so we feel heard?

For those that check in on a regular basis, we have our Kids Closet that has all the clothes, toys, and baby stuff you could ever need!  We have a pack of diapers and wipes that you can have each week.  There is no charge to shop in the Kids Closet as long as you are coming and checking in on a regular basis.

The first time you come it’s best to make an appointment, so we have someone available to talk to you and show you around.  There is no need to bring any “proof” that you need help, just come in and we will listen to your story.  There is a little bit of paperwork that we ask you to complete and of course, everything is confidential.  All of us need help along the way.  Some for a longer time and some just for a little while.  We would love to meet you.  There is no judgment here.