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“Wait a minute…what do you mean you don’t want a pumpkin spice latte?  Since when?”

Among many changes that accompany pregnancy a change in appetite is often a notably first indication. Especially morning sickness which can determine what you’ll be eating or in many cases not eating! Things that once were “to die for” (pumpkin spice latte!) now turn your stomach just at the mention of them!  And what about the cravings?  Why is a health food fanatic suddenly on a mission to find Moon Pies?  Wasn’t it supposed to be pickles and ice cream that would send you driving to the store at midnight?  This is so confusing!

Good nutrition is important during pregnancy and there are many good resources to help you discover what changes you might need to make to keep yourself and your baby healthy.  You can start by asking yourself if you’re in the habit of making good food choices and if you’re taking good care of your body with both diet and exercise.  You are your baby’s sole source of nutrition so good choices will benefit the development of your baby and even longer into their life.   If your diet isn’t great what things can you switch up without feeling like you’re suddenly deprived of everything you love?

First, it’s always good to talk with your doctor if you’re concerned about eating enough, eating the right things, or have any questions about your health and nutrition.  There is also a great guideline called “My Pregnancy Plate” which divides your meal into four groups that cover all the vitamins and nutrients you and your baby will need: non-starchy vegetables, protein, whole grains, and starchy vegetables, and fruit.  WAIT!!! What about donuts and chips?  Where are they on the pregnancy plate?  Sure you can have them but remember they are empty calories and do not provide any nutrients for the baby, so you might want to cut down on those and make room for what is best.  Of course, it probably won’t be practical to eat like this at every meal but keeping it in mind will definitely be a great place to start. Think about adding an extra serving of the fruit and vegetables you do like onto your plate more often.

How much more is required when you’re eating for two?  Actually, not that much.  Pregnancy can be a time to eat what you want because you have a great excuse, right?   Just remember you won’t be pregnant forever so healthy habits are safer in the long run!  About 500 extra calories are all that is needed per day.  You might want to eat five smaller meals a day, add a snack before bed, or an extra serving at a meal, it’s up to you.  Along with a healthy diet make sure you’re consuming plenty of water during your pregnancy.  Get in the habit of keeping a water bottle with you at all times and fill it up several times a day!

At Life’s Options our clients get information like this during the one-on-one mentoring time, plus a lot of other good information to equip them during pregnancy.   If you’re pregnant or think you might be pregnant give us a call and find out how we can help!