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We’ve all had that feeling in the pit of our stomach that something isn’t right but what happens when that feeling involves a relationship and someone we love?  Things can get really confusing and difficult.  Here’s a list of 7 signs that a relationship is unhealthy. 

  1. When there’s a disagreement, are you always wrong.
  2. You fear bringing up a subject that is important because he/she might get really angry.
  3. He/she uses alcohol or drugs a lot and then can’t remember what he/she said or did to you.
  4. He/she tries to control who you spend time with, where you go, how you dress, what you’re involved in, how you act, how you spend money.
  5. You feel bad about yourself because he/she calls you names, makes fun of you, or views you as stupid or incompetent.
  6. He/she lies to you or cheats on you.
  7. He/she promises to change but doesn’t. (1)

Sometimes people stay in an unhealthy relationship because they are afraid to leave, unsure what the other person will do to them or to themselves, a feeling of guilt, being embarrassed, or sometimes assuming that’s the way all relationships are.  Someone who really loves you will treat you with respect, kindness, and patience, be honest with you, and support you to be your best.  Never will violence or force be part of a healthy relationship. 

If any of these things describe a relationship you’re in find a trusted person to help you make a healthy decision regarding your future with that person and support you through the process. 

Life’s Options offers a fun and thought provoking look at positive relationships and we’d love to share that with you!  Check us out!

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