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Services and Programs

Programs include the following:

1. Free, confidential, self-administered PREGNANCY TESTS that are clinically as accurate as those performed in a physician’s office. Since Life’s Options Pregnancy Center is not licensed as a medical clinic, pregnancy diagnoses are not made.

2. OPTIONS COUNSELING for pregnancy issues by trained staff and volunteers. Clients are presented with accurate, sensitive and complete information. Take-home brochures and books are available. With teen pregnancies, assistance is provided to inform parents, if it is desired. Counseling and referral services are offered to the client’s parents and partner. We have a relationship with several adoption agencies when the need arises. In addition, pregnancy counseling is offered to inmates of the Jefferson County Detention Facility. Life’s Options Pregnancy Center Executive Director, Jill Sneed, is a chaplain volunteer and as such, is able to meet with incarcerated women offering support and guidance with the difficult decisions surrounding an unintended pregnancy behind bars.

3. THE “SHOP” is stocked with donated new and gently used MATERIALS such as maternity and infant items, including diapers, formula, baby food, clothing, toys, infant equipment, furniture, children’s books, and DVD’s. We offer these items FREE of charge for our client families. They are available as resale to people in the community.

4. MENTORING PROGRAM is a DVD based curriculum. Clients can choose from over 40 different sessions focusing on parenting and life skills. The client will view the lesson one on one with our trained staff. The client is asked to prepare homework before returning for the next session. We also informally mentor women and men with whom we develop relationships as they come in for services or to shop at the Mother’s Closet. Our clients range in age from 16-49 and 60% are single parents.

5. POST ABORTION HEALING AND EDUCATION addresses Post Abortion Stress (PAS), a medically recognized mental health condition in women and men. Counseling, facilitated by trained volunteer peer counselors, can bring healing and closure to a painful experience. We refer to this program as “Living Hope” and can meet with you upon request.  To get more information or to speak with someone call us today.

6. Our ABSTINENCE PROGRAM exists to bring awareness to pre-teens and teens of the dangers accompanying risky behaviors such as, but not limited to, drugs/alcohol, negative peer pressure, and pre-marital sex. Participants are challenged with information regarding physical, social, and emotional consequences of these risky behaviors that can have lifelong effects. Teens and preteens are encouraged to think long term in areas such as education, sports, career/finances, marriage and family. They then examine how their choices at the present will impact goals in the future. We are currently teaching the WAIT TRAINING abstinence program to the youth in our community. We counsel our unmarried clients one on one about the benefits of abstinence.

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