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Education & Mentoring

Clients come to us to learn how to be good parents and with the tools provided in the mentoring program, we are able to give you practical needed skills.  The classes are DVD driven and discussed with a peer mentor.   There are over 40 different topics to choose from; most any stage from early pregnancy through about age 2.  We have recently added a toddler tract to our curriculum as well as the Love & Logic classes.

Child birth classes are taught about once every quarter.   Let us know if you would like to participate.

We will also be offering a healthy relationship class early 2017.  Call for more information.

All appointments for ongoing mentoring should be scheduled ahead of time.

Free Confidential Support

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Kids Closet currently needs the following items:

•Kids Closet volunteers
•Gently used children's clothing infant through size 14
•Clear plastic bins
•Baby Wipes
•A Volunteer to do childcare Wed mornings

Kids Closet hours: Monday - Thursday; 10:00am – 5:00pm
Kids Closet cannot accept drop side cribs or used car seats.