Resources Available

At Life’s Options, we know you have a difficult choice to make. We’re here to offer factual information about each one of your options and let you know what resources are available to you. Our goal is to educate, equip, and empower you. There’s no judgment, no pressure, and no lectures. Our supportive team of professionals is here for you.  Here are some of the resources and referrals we can offer you:

Pre-abortion Education

  • Perform a pre-abortion pregnancy screening
  • Address questions relating to abortion

Parenting Assistance

  • WIC, Medicaid Referrals
  • STD/STI Treatment Referrals
  • Domestic, Alcohol, Substance Abuse Resources
  • Clothing, Utilities, Employment, Referrals
  • Kids Closet Material Goods
  • Parenting & Life Skills Education

Adoption Referrals

  • Referrals to adoption agencies we trust
  • Adoption process information
  • Adoption counseling referrals

Peer Mentoring

  • Creating an action plan for the next steps
  • Mentoring based on communication, empathy, and understanding ​
  • After-abortion recovery support

If you’re interested, have questions, or need any of these resources, contact us today. We’re here to walk alongside you in your pregnancy journey.

Never trust your fears
They don’t know your strength.